The strange mystical love logic of a former wife beater


The body is like a dream. When we see this and awake, not a trace remains. How much time is left for the looking?

— The Unfettered Mind: Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master

The preacher man
said this earth suit
will slip away
like a blade
of grass that withers
under the scorching sun
and falls to the ground.

I’m a sinner
like you he said.
I used to beat
my wife [and she
stood there next to him gleaming
saying nothing
with her mouth, nodding]

but I gave
my life to Jesus
and now I’m a sinner
saved by grace who beats
the Devil instead
cutting him down
to size!

When this earth suit
slips away
I’ll put on
a new shinier heavenly
suit that will last

forever and ever, amen!

He shot his wife
a look and they smiled.

Come to the Lord!
Be healed! Be saved!
Glory, hallelujah! he shouted
kicking back a heel
and hopping up off
the other foot as if
struck by lightning.

Shecome Onahonda!
She come on a honda!

he said in a babbling tongue
his face contorted
the converted wife beater
channeling his anger
into a strange new
kind of mystical
love logic.

—Stacey Warde

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