Monthly Archives: April 2012

Going digital

Many devoted readers of The Rogue Voice, once printed on the cheapest newsprint money could buy, have asked: “When are you guys going to take it online?”

COVER.SETTINO.SINKING SLAVER copyIt’s been more than five years since we last printed, or published a story. We lost everything through the Great Recession; our ability to pay bills and stay alive sank with the slaver ship we published on the cover of one of our last editions.

It doesn’t feel that long ago. Time sweeps by more quickly than a peregrine falcon swooping in for a kill. I’ve missed the thrill of publishing, and recently I’ve been getting more requests to start up the magazine again. “Do it digitally!” they say. 

I’ve dreamed about this moment, when I could sit in the driver’s seat again, featuring stories with original, authentic voices from the margins of culture. I’m a firm believer that we would not survive without stories, which include art, music and poetry.

This digital version of The Rogue Voice will, I hope, continue with the focus of our print version to present stories and art that get into you, penetrate the psyche, and tweak the imagination. When you finish reading, you will be touched, disturbed, angered and humored.

It feels so good to be back.